About Marc Blatstein

Marc BlatsteinMarc Blatstein was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he attended high school.  He later decided to go to George Washington University in Washington DC for his undergraduate degree where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology all the while working a job on the side to help off set the high costs of a college education.  Marc Blatstein later went on to Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine where he studied medical training and obtained his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Degree.  While Marc was studying here, he also worked while to help with the high costs of higher education.  He had a surgical residency in Podiatric Medicine, which then followed with a 22 year career as a single practitioner. While in practice Marc Blatstein incorporated a medically oriented shoe store, wound care and physical therapy.

Marc Blatsein and his Podiatric Practice

A major part of Marc Blatstein’s practice is using The Circulator Boot™ as a method of treatment that helps with the core elements of wound therapy: bacterial control, increased blood supply, moisture and the removal of dead or damaged tissues to help the healing of healthy tissue. Along with other modes of treatment, surgical debridement of infected wounds, the use of antibiotic medications, along with home care, boot therapy in Marc Blatstein’s eyes may improve the blood supply and control the infection in necrotizing cellulitis when standard methods of treatment are failing.

Marc Blatstein Education Timeline

-George Washington Univ., BA in Psych. (’77),
-Externship(s): Lutheran Hospital Baltimore MD.(’82), Atlanta Hospital & Medical Center, Atlanta GA(’83).
-Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, DPM (’83),
-Lawndale Community Hospital Surgical Residency in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery(’84)

Continuing Education:
-Wound Care Management
-Laser for soft tissue procedures
-EPF (Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy) training for Endoscopic Procedures v=oTLBoxeZoRs
-Circulator Boot™ Cardio-Based Compression Therapy; Trained in its usage with years of patient success