Healthy Feet

Marc BlatsteinWhen it comes to taking care of your feet, you need to think about what your feet go through and what they’re put into. Weather you’re engaging in winter sports, running, or just taking a leisurely walk, make sure you are wearing properly fitting footwear that is appropriate for the activity. Shoes should leave feet with room to breathe and should not cause blisters or other irritations. The right fit can help keep your feet healthy and prevent any long-term podiatry issues.

Always use lotion to moisturize your feet. This is especially important in the winter months when dry air and cold temperatures can cause skin on the feet to become dry, cracked, and irritated. Additionally, since most people are more sedentary during winter months, you may find yourself needing to exercise your feet more. Stretching is a good way to avoid muscles cramps. Foot rubs are also a great way to relieve tension and boost circulation. If you notice that your feet and ankles are beginning to swell from sitting in one position for too long, you can also try elevating your legs to reduce the swelling.

While the summer sun may feel great after a long, chilly winter, it brings new risks for your feet. Limit walking barefoot in the summer as this can expose feet to sunburn, infections, and can also increase risk of injury to your feet. Be sure to wear flip-flops around places like the pool, to the beach, or in a locker room to help prevent injuries or infection. If you are going outside, make sure you apply sunblock to your feet as well as the rest of your body. Also try to drink plenty of water as this can help keep you hydrated and reduce foot swelling caused by heat.

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